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A Message from The Manager
Gordon Brittas B.A.

Welcome through this Window for Sport and Leisure and into Whitbury Newtown Leisure Centre. I assume as you are reading this you have filed out the various entry forms and supplied the relevant certificates to validate you as a memer of the leisure centre. If you have not please read the entry section below.

I hope this board will give you an insight to our little centre and encourage to get out of those chairs and actually do something active with your lives.

This is far better than the normal noticeboards I use for three main reasons.

1. The items are all straight and not a non matching drawing pin in sight. A tidy noticeboard tells the public a lot about those who run it. A tidy board shows a tidy mind I always say.

2. Nobody draws over the pictures. Finding that all the pictures of the staff have beards and I have an eye patch does not amuse me. Handwriting will be checked for anybody in the centre holding a blue fibre tip pen

3. Viewing figures are increased by several thousand. The general attendance of the Centre could be better, but the statistics on the number of people reading the notice boards is now very encouraging.

You are the Visitor to the Whitbury counter

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Leisure Centre News

This will be updated with News items as I get them regarding the Centre

The Pool will not be in use again until it has be fully drained and the water replaced. This all relates back to when Colin was pushed into the Pool.

All smokers are now to Wear large badges saying "I am a Smoker, Beware of my Fumes". Well they will after the printing error has been changed from "I am a Smoker, Beware of my Thumbs"

The fire exits are currently not working, they appear to be super glued together. In the event of a fire or other disaster, please go to the fire exits and a sign will point you in a direction of another escape route.

Anybody finding the handle to the stores cupboard will received a free membership all courses and of course my thanks. Well, Colin's thanks as well, he really does need to get into that room.

Thanks for all the kind words I've had regarding this Brittas site. It has turned from being a single page of a couple of months ago to this awesome section that's here today. Long live the Brittas Empire.

This is an Unofficial Brittas-Zine site done as Tribute to the BBC's Brittas Empire

Many thanks to the BBC and Fegen and Norriss for the Great program "The Brittas Empire" and to Jonathan Rice for the Book Gordon Brittas "Sharing the Dream" available from Boxtree for 6.99 uk Pounds ISBN 0-7522-0896-9. Also massive thanks to Chris Barrie for his amazing character in the series and on the Audio Tape of "Sharing the Dream" that inspired me to put together this Brittas Web Page. Lets Hope this shares Brittas with the World.

Any comments or Suggestions about these Pages please email me

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